Types of online casino bonuses and how they work

Types of online casino bonuses and how they work

When you set up an online casino, you should immediately include in your business plan a policy governing the provision of bonuses to customers. After proper distribution of high and low return games to the player, the establishment’s bonus program comes second in importance.

Bonuses are generally money given to players for being active players. Bonuses, it would seem, are supposed to compensate for players’ losses in play. This is indeed true for land-based gaming houses and betting shops. But at most online casinos, the bonus is an important means of increasing the establishment’s profits at the expense of increasing the customer’s losses. For what reason does this happen?

To exchange bonus funds for money, you must wager more bets than the bonus. This is called “wagering” the bonus or “cashing out”.

To withdraw the bonus, you must wager thirty times the bonus amount.

Always the player’s money is used first when wagering the bonus. Further, the rules of different casinos differ after the deposit is completely lost. The bonus either disappears, or the player can continue to play with the bonus funds, but cannot withdraw them until they fulfill the wagering requirements.

Wagering on slots counts towards the 100% wagering bonus. Wagering on card games and roulette is 5%.

Information. When playing slot machines, the client loses an average of four percent of his money. The casino’s mathematical edge is about 1.5 percent on other games.

Types of online casino bonuses and how they work

Free spins on slots are additional bonuses that are available to a new player as freespins. Can be offered at the same time as the bonus. Either the player will be offered the freespins or the bonus. The free spins are usually 5-10 times less than the initial bonus. You must also play with your own money to win, but winnings are usually only 3-10 times the amount won on slots.

Repeat bonuses and repeat freespins. The usual practice of all casinos: once a week or on the eve of a holiday to make players offers, almost exactly the same conditions of the starting bonus. 

No deposit bonuses. Are a way of involvement in the game. As a rule, provided to new customers. The meaning: the player is given a small amount. The winnings from it can be used for further play and even withdraw. The original amount can never be withdrawn.